What if AI could create
your Facebook ads?

Maker? Marketer? Entrepreneur? No matter what you do everything is more important than struggling with Facebook ads interface and creating different versions for A/B testing. We can help so you can focus on the crucial tasks.

A/B testing sucks
Making ads sucks

Focus on things that matter. Build your product not create and test endless ads. Mobile or desktop? This copy or the other one? Blue or red? That picture or maybe not? Build your product, change the world. Let our AI handle your Facebook ads.

6 images + 6 texts + 6 titles = 216 ads

There is a winning combination out there. But it’s not an easy one to find. Provide or choose the content. We will handle the rest. Our AI will create the ads and start the campaign for you.

Optimization done for you

Our AI algorithm learns to choose the best ad for your target group. As it constantly improves it will test out different possibilites or even change the best ad when it's performance declines. All in real time.

You own it

When we finish our job you are left with working campaign on your Facebook ad account. Everything is under your control. You set the budget for ads. We charge flat, no subscription, no commitment.


Starter $50
When you just want to create small campaign and you don't have a lot of content.

  • 2 images
  • 2 texts
  • 2 titles

8 ads tested in campaign
Startup $150
Best for promoting single product or service to check many possibilites.

  • 4 images
  • 4 texts
  • 4 titles

64 ads tested in campaign More
Marketer $500
For the bigger endeavours. You can unleash this power to find some really powerful ads.

  • 6 images
  • 6 texts
  • 6 titles

216 ads tested in campaign More